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Professionals with 20 plus years of corporate experience in leadership, management, Business Strategy, Sales & Operation, Market Research, product marketing, and solving technical issues.

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Exploring Technology with Expertise


Exploring Technology with Expertise


Technology and IT Services

Technology Adoption, Smart Analytics, Al & ML, Mobility & IOT, RPA, Cloud, Native Technologies & Solutions.
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Productivity and Collaboration

Business Email, Online Meetings, Shared Drive, Data Backup, Document Management, Contract life cycle Management, Remote Working Solutions.
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Cyber Security

Web Security, Firewall Security, Email Security, End Point Security, Multifactor Authentication, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing.
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Other Application

Business Applications, Websites & Application Development, DevERP, Education Software, DMS, ITSM, SIEM
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What We Do?

iAmaze Consultants Pvt Ltd

Professionals with 20 plus years of corporate experience in Leadership, Management, Business Strategy, Sales & Operation, Market Research, Product marketing, and Solving technical issues.
About Us

Who We Are ?

Professionals with 20 plus years of experience in Leadership Roles, Managerial Decision Making, Business Strategy, Sales, Business Operations, Market Research, Product Marketing & Providing Technical Solutions.

Always driven to meet & exceed organizational and personal      goals.

Engaging and Collaborative personalities, emphasizing      integrated operations while working in cross-functional      teams.

Develop Strategic Plans and Implement, Short & Long-Term      Goals.

Our Mission

Our Vision is to Create a Happy, Healthy & Engaging Business Environment for all Stakeholders in Business Life Cycle - Customers, Business Organizations, Entrepreneurs & Employees.

Our Vision

Help All Businesses by leveraging Innovative Cloud Technologies, Adopt BCP Ready Business Plan,
Promote Remote Work Culture,
Facilitate Businesses to Run from Anywhere and Everywhere.  

Our Key Services


Technology Consulting

Complete Assessment & Review of IT Set Up driven by Business Needs and Market Dynamics. Our Expert Professional Consultants provide recommendations to your business.
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Cloud Services

Our goal is to make sure Businesses are getting the most efficient and streamlined use of cloud Services by smooth transition from legacy systems.
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IT Support Services

Managing IT Support Services through Service Providers with the help of our highly skilled resources for an Uninterrupted Business Flow.
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Web Technologies And Application Development Services

Design, Develop & Implement Business Applications through our Inhouse Developers.
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Years of Experience

Why Us

Adoption of Cloud Technology whether remote, in-office or both
Through a single pane of glass for all services, addressing needs of the CXO and IT Teams
Enable Remote working Solutions
Service offered with virtual appliances, allowing flexibility

About Founders



Professionals in Business

We are professionals in business to tackle most critical challenges and opportunities based on our rich corporate experience. Our extensive consultation experience in Start Ups, SMEs, Large Corporates IT & telecommunication Solutions is providing us an extra mileage in terms of knowledge & skill. We are well verged with new age technology & applications which can enhance your organization productivity and maximize your business revenue.

Our Skills

We are a Team of Professionals from different industry segments with expert skill sets in respective domains. Our Experience and knowledge keep us ahead of our competitors. We promote New Age Technologies & Solutions.

Our Technology Partners