May 10, 2023

Technology & Business Consulting- New Age Economy

Technology & Business Consulting- New Age Economy

New Age Economy & Business Activities

Start Up India and Digital India programmes have been the catalysts in India’s recent and rapid economic growth story.

Today, New and Traditional Businesses go hand in hand to boost India’s growth prospects. Government has taken a back seat in business activities and is playing the role of facilitator.

Government has encouraged private sector participation in the economy like never before.

Ease of Doing Business and Competition between States in encouraging business activities is a welcome change. Ease of Doing Business and Ease of Living are not just words but implemented in spirit and action.

Atma Nirbhar Bharat and the recently announced Gati Shakti Infrastructure Build Programme which is to the tune of 100 Lakh Crores investment in the economy is definitely a Game Changer for Indian Industry & New Economy. These schemes have the potential to create an India Centric Global Economic Order within this decade by the year 2030.

Combined efforts by Governments and the Industry have started showing great results during the current Pandemic Era. Recent forecasts by IMF and World bank have put India’s GDP growth touching 9.5% within the current Financial Year.

Role of Technology Consulting in the New Age Economy

India’s working population is young and aspirational. This is one of the key drivers in the New Age Economy , creating millions of problem solvers in the entrepreneurial world in the form of startups. These startups have already taken the role of job creators, innovators , wealth creators… the list goes on. These are now the major contributors to the New Economy. These new age entrepreneurs have based their businesses on newer & evolving technologies to find their markets. At the same time solving problems our country faces for example the Health Tech Industry, bringing health to our doorstep using innovative and digital platforms. Contribution by health tech is evident and India has been successful in fighting the Covid Pandemic hands-on. Similar contributions can be seen in the field of Fintech, Agritech, Logistics, Transportation, Manufacturing, Clean Energy, Swachh Bharat Mission, EV and Services sectors.

The Role of Consulting Firms is very important for New Age Companies in creating technology solutions at every stage of the business life cycle. Some the key support areas for New Age Companies are

  • Work From Anywhere Solutions using best practices and technology platforms
  • Information & Data Security practices
  • Subject Matter Experts & Expertise in IT
  • Cost Effective Digital & Technology Enabled processes
  • Timely support & upgrade business processes in IT

Concluding Remarks

Internet and Digital Technologies help to establish businesses in quick time and propel scaling up as well, at the same time expert consulting helps in mitigating market risks. Open economy creates stiff competition and without technology support it is hard to create differentiation in the marketplace. Information & Data Security practices are of utmost importance in the business life cycle, safeguarding business operations and ensuring business continuity & scaling up. New Age Companies require expert consultation at the Founders/Co-Founders level , usually , in sectors wherein there is lack of domain expertise.

IT and Digital Technologies have touched our lives in many ways. In the Business World, acceptance of digital technologies is widespread. Consumer/Customer markets whether they are B2C or B2B prefer digital medium to reach them and adoption of mobile technologies is common.

Technology has democratized the market place and all stakeholders are benefited in the New Age Economy. Skilled Resources and Open Source technologies have created new innovative businesses. Monopolies are a thing of the past.

Technology Consulting helps all stakeholders to realize their dreams & create wealth in the marketplace.

About iAmaze Consultants :

New Age Company. Helping Businesses with Digital Transformation Services & Consulting.
Modern Business Workplace. Work Culture. Simplifying Technology. Encouraging Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Key Areas of Our Consulting & Services

  • Business Domain Names & Advisory
  • Work From Anywhere Solutions- Office Set-Up on Cloud
  • Productivity & Collaboration (Email, Drive, Office Applications, Audio
  • & Video Interactions)
  • Communication Tools- Voice & Data
  • Security Processes & Practices- Information, Communication, Data,Network, Internet, Identity & Access
  • Software Assessment, Adoption & Advisory Services
  • Cloud & SaaS Technologies ( Public Cloud, CRM, Contract Management, e Signatures, Data Back-Up & Retention)
  • Web Technologies
  • Online & Digital Marketing Practices
  • Develop, Deploy and Delegate Applications suitable for Business Use case
  • Ready to Use Applications- Mobile & Web (eCommerce, POS, Education ERP, HRMS, Visitor Management, Delivery, Industrial Safety)

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