Cyber Security

Managed Cyber Security

With remote working cybersecurity is an area of concern across the Globe. Not only can remote workers put their own privacy at risk but working remotely could result in a breach in the company’s security. Allowing some employees to work remotely from time to time is something most companies could handle prior to the last few months. However, when faced with a natural disaster, few organizations are prepared to have large numbers of their employees suddenly work remotely at the same time.


Our Cyber Security Solutions

Cisco AMP – File reputation analysis & advanced malware detection/blocking
  • Advanced analytics and reports (portal)
  • Unified intuitive portal GUI
  • Advanced content control
  • Data-loss prevention and risk management
From Prevention to Response-Automated Endpoint Security
  • Simplifies & Maximizes Security
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Manage
  • Automated EDR Features
  • Signature files and heuristic technologies
  • Contextual detection
Be Secured against Insider Threats within your Organization
  • Data Leak/Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Insider Threat Response System
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Employee Moniroting
  • Workplace Productivity
DeskSight.AI is a one-stop solution for measuring and enhancing the productivity of the organization
  • Monitor Productivity
  • Track Web & Application Usage
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Identify Risky Users
  • Top Performers and Top Non-Performers
All folders and files; can be backed up on public, private or hybrid cloud-based storage infrastructure.
  • Protection From Ransomware
  • Security, privacy and confidentiality
  • End- to- End Encryption
  • Hedge against Full Disk Encryption
  • End- to- End Encryption
zero trust security framework for seamless user experience, better security controls, and reduced complexity
  • Zero Trust Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Remote Access & Application Accesst
  • Data Security & Leak Prevention
  • Central Logging & Reporting