May 10, 2023

Google Smart Canvas – Enhancing Team Collaboration & Productivity

Google Smart Canvas - Enhancing Team Collaboration & Productivity

During the current Pandemic, interactions went virtual overnight and continues the same way till now with an uncertain timeline to go back to normal working. Virtual Collaborations have become a necessity for every Organization.

Looking at the changing Environment , Google has rebranded GSuite as Google Workspace. At the core, Google Workspace is the same service as G Suite. It’s the culmination of several changes Google made throughout 2020. The separate tools have deeper integration with each other. Rather than jump between Gmail, Docs, Meet, etc., everything is available in one central spot.

Google Workspace has introduced 03 Key Themes since October 2020 to enable Virtual Collaboration for Users across the board. These themes capture the future of working.

  • Work is No Longer a Place
  • Time is More Precious
  • Human Connection is Crucial

It is to bring the Human Connection back in the Products & Services designed in Google Workspace Ecosystem.Google Workspace Collaboration Tools are Uniquely placed to help quickly respond to disruptions. Google Workspace is engineered for Hybrid & Flexible work, having pioneered real time collaboration. All the Products & Services are easily accessible with just an Internet connection and not necessarily tied to an office location.

Although these tools are quite effective but In the current New Hybrid Work Model these tools need further flexibility to collaborate in different time zones, work schedules, customers, internal times all in continuity without losing the work in the process.

Connect your teams with Google Smart Canvas

In May 2021, Google announced many new features.These features directly impact Google Workspace as Google aims to make the suite even more collaborative and easy to use. Google announced Smart Canvas, an interactive and intelligent tool for using Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Smart Canvas is a collection of collaborative tools that will improve collaborative working of Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Smart Canvas isn’t a suite of new products. Instead, it’s a “new product experience” from Google that enhances the already useful features inside each Google app.

With Smart Canvas Google Docs, Sheets & Slides are living documents that enable real time collaboration. Users are always up-to-date and working on the latest versions. Keep Your Project moving forward with a focused dialogue, like use comments, Open an Email, start instant chat or conversation without leaving the existing google docs, sheets & slides.

Smart Canvas

Let’s explore Google Workspace Smart Canvas

  • Interactive Building Blocks pull the right info and people into the places where you are already working like a Google Doc
    • Smart Chips (files, people and meetings)
    • Checklists and Assign Tasks
    • Table Templates and Project Tracker Tables
  • Fuel Collaboration by removing unnecessary constraints
    • Flexible Formats to remove unnecessary constraints
    • Pageless format in Docs (Remove Boundaries of Page)
    • New Views in Sheets to better manage & interact with your data (dynamic timeline view) View & Work on data by owner, category, campaigns, milestones, schedules & cross team collaborations
  • Connect People and Focus on what matters most in the moment
    • A people first approach in collaboration
    • Present Content to Google Meet directly from Docs, Sheets and Slides
    • More Space to see people and content in Google Meet
    • Google Meet in Docs, Sheets and Slides
    • Emoji reactions in Docs
    • Quickly jump between discussion & creation
  • Help Everyone Work Smarter
    • Smart suggestions that help everyone do their best work
    • Assisted Writing Features in Docs (Inclusive Language & Stylistic Suggestions)

Activate Real Time Data & Insights

  • Capture fresh perspectives using the Versatility of Forms.Google Forms is more than just a survey tool, we can use Forms for
    • Event Planning
    • Lead Generation
    • Employee Feedback
    • Order Requests
    • Internal Employee Requests
    • Healthcare & Health Tech companies used Forms for Covid Vaccinations, Tracking Exit & Entry in Hospitals (Vaccination Status), Employee Covid Self Check for Symptoms etc.,
  • Smart, Connected Forms simplify creation & analysis
    • Forms use intelligence to help you write questions faster
    • Review responses in forms or open in Sheets to analyze & automate more deeply.
    • Coming Soon Beta – a Forms API which you can integrate with your own tools & Forms
  • Leverage Sheets as the Ground Truth for Your Data
    • From Project Trackers to Employee Schedules, Purchase Orders to Statistical Analysis Google Sheets enables you to easily collaborate at one place.
    • Visualize Data and surface Insights with interactive reports and dashboards for the collaborators
  • Extending the Smart Canvas with chips in Sheets
    • Enhance spreadsheets with people chips to richly represent your colleagues and contacts
    • Chat, Mail, Meet or Schedule an event directly from your contacts card in Sheets
  • Accelerate time to insights with Sheets Intelligence
    • Formula Suggestions
    • Formula Corrections
    • Smart Fill
    • Smart Clean Up
  • Unlock Big Data in a familiar interface i.e Google Sheets
    • Connect Sheets to your live Big Query data for Business Planning at an unprecedented rate
    • Analyze Billions of Rows of Data in Real Time without any SQL knowledge
    • Coming Soon Beta- Looker for Google Sheets (Data Dashboards & Analysis Presentation)

Operate with Agility

  • Speed Up Workflows with Approvals
    • Easily request approvals for Drive items
    • Send a document to a manager or a dedicated reviewer for approval. Once Approved, the document is clearly marked as approved and locked
  • Publish Critical Updates at Scale using Google Sites
    • Use Google Sites to publish and share key information with your team, organization or the public with only a few clicks.
    • Embed Forms, Docs, Sheets, Slides to keep everyone on the same page
    • Google Sites are simple and do not require any website building expertise or programming
    • For Example, The Taiwanese Government kept updating their citizens and other stakeholders like hospitals using Sheets & Docs embedded in Google Sites for Covid updates like Covid Protocols, Return to Work Policies, Children and Parent Care in real time and very effectively.
  • Bring Powerful Collaboration & Intelligence to Microsoft Office Files
    • With Office editing on Docs, importing and converting are no longer necessary
    • Sharing, Real Time Collaboration, Comment Discussions and Version History all work same as the Google Native Docs
  • Build Custom Solutions with Forms API
    • Build on the power of Google Forms with Forms API
    • Use the Forms API to automate Form creation and updates, trigger processes based on responses, or create custom live data visualizations.
  • Built on Foundation of Privacy & Data Security
    • Client Side Encryption (CSE) gives customer direct control of encryption keys and identity providers that they choose to access those keys
    • With CSE, customers can add new levels of data protection to their Google Workspace Data
    • Now users that handle ITAR or CJIS data can benefit from Google Workspace.
    • Beta sign up form

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