Slack is a collaboration hub that can replace email to help you and your team work together seamlessly. It’s designed to support the way people naturally work together, so you can collaborate with people online as efficiently as you do face-to-face. A Slack workspace is made up of channels, where team members can communicate and work together. Key features of Slack.

In Slack, team members send messages and share files in channels. Create channels for teams, projects, office locations, or anything else that’s relevant to your organisation. You can make channels private for conversations that shouldn’t be open to all members, or you can use shared channels to collaborate with an organisation outside your own.

When messages and files are shared in public channels, information flows transparently throughout Slack. You can search your team’s conversation history in Slack to find relevant messages, files, channels, and people. With Slack’s searchable history, conversations can become common institutional knowledge.

Add apps to your workspace to connect services or tools you’re already using to Slack. With the right apps installed, you can do your work without ever leaving your Slack workspace. Find thousands of apps to help you stay productive, organised and efficient in the Slack App Directory.

You can start a voice or video call with any other members of your workspace right from Slack. Share your screen to show your teammates exactly what you see on your computer — you can even draw on your screen while you’re screen sharing.

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