Private Network (VPN/ MPLS)

A private network is any connection within a specified network wherein restrictions are established to promote a secured environment. This type of network can be configured in such a way that devices outside the network cannot access it. Only a selected set of devices can access this type of network depending on the settings encoded in the network routers and access points. On the other hand, a public network is defined as a network that anyone can freely connect to little or no restriction.

The benefits of MPLS are

  • Scalability,
  • Performance,
  • Better bandwidth utilization,
  • Reduced network congestion and
  • A better end-user experiences.

MPLS itself does not provide encryption, but it is a virtual private network and, as such, is partitioned off from the public Internet.

Experts Consultants from iAmaze can help you to design & implement a Secure Private Network.

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