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In an increasingly real-time economy speed and timing are key. It might sound obvious but the consequences for supply chains, logistics and the transportation industry are huge, Efficiency, optimization, speed and timing have always been crucial in logistics and transportation. Today, amidst a range of accelerating evolutions and in an increasingly digital environment where digital transformations are affecting the next revolution of industry.


  • Traditional Tools & dependency
  • Regulation Acceptance
  • Market Competition
  • Solated Group
  • Global Expansion
  • Technology Implementation
  • Mobile Technology
  • Cost Factor

The evolutions towards a real-time economy has an impact on their business processes. And, obviously, in transportation and logistics (and supply chains), processes are ubiquitous and hyper-connected. The human and connected drivers of faster business Speed and timing as challenges in logistics and beyond. As in lots of real-life scenarios in a connected and globalized world, there are many parties involved to get an item from where it is manufactured to its end destination. The longer the waiting times for these parties, the longer it takes overall and the more time, resources, money and sometimes reputation

iAmaze is a leading technology solution provider where you will find pragmatic web and mobile solutions for your transportation and logistics business. Given the growth of auto industry and technology intervention, it is important that businesses adopt to new and inventive ways to manage and track their external and internal processes to high-perform in their industrial vertical. And hence, our web, mobile and software solutions for transportation industry is where your hunt ends.

In all this, our approach is to automate the process, make the entire management process very cost effective and most importantly interactive with your core users to encourage large engagement. There is a lot undiscovered scope of digitalization in transportation industry, and all you need is the knowledge and technology to do the right thing now or you will lag. iAmaze, can provides a tailor-made solution to enhance performance and reduce management cost in a matter of short time. Our transportation and logistics development solutions include dealer management system, fleet management solution, logistic and inventory management, supply chain management, shipping and delivery system, logistic on demand, location tracking solutions, manufacturing solutions, and much others.

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