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New challenges and opportunities are quickly reshaping financial services– from AI to fintech, to open platforms and data analytics, to greater customer centricity and workforce shaping – all of which financial institutions need to address while navigating the evolving risk and regulatory landscape. Massive changes have come to banking, financial services, and insurance. Customers have embraced digital technologies and social media and organization must do so as well-or you risk being overtaken by the competition. Organizations are looking at a future that is more interconnected, more collaborative and frictionless – one where trust, growth and delivering value are paramount.


  • Investment Shakeup
  • Regulation
  • Technology Harter
  • Business Cycle
  • Big Market
  • Digital Age
  • Hybrid Model
  • Multiple Access

The major challenge comes when it is time to find a dependable technology partner that can not only provide you the relief from the redundant methods of operations but also provide you the accuracy and errorless approach you have for years. Hence, iAmaze. Find high-end technology and Finance management tools that allows you to efficiently manage your business anytime and anywhere. Elevated customer experience, and quicker solutions. These solutions focus on digital adoption while giving the Customer automations, mobility, cloud enablement, analytics and AI enabled customer support and much more.

The deep industry knowledge of our professionals leads to seamless collaboration and practical execution across all sectors including: asset and wealth management, banking and capital markets, insurance and private equity. The Solutions are also highly personalized, using enhanced data management and analytics technologies to provide value-added services and rich customer experiences. We understand the requirements of the industry and craft the solutions to address them.

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