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Smart Perimeter Security

A Cyber Security Product Platform

A white-labelled security management platform, designed specifically for IAmaze Consultants to deliver a branded, enterprise-grade, Security-as-a-Service offering to business customers of all sizes. It is a protection from the attacks that enter through emails, from websites or where you connect to the network like PCs, MACs and smart phones.

Email Security

Affordable carrier-grade email security for businesses of any size.
With FirstCloud™ Email Security, businesses can enjoy a highly reliable, scalable and feature-rich email security service. FirstWave technology delivers innovative cloud content security and provides analytics capabilities powered by FirstWave Cloud Technology’s ESP™ email software technology, Cisco-based ESA/IronPort and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) technologies.
High availability platform
  • Advanced analytics and classification
  • Data loss prevention and risk management
  • Typo-domain filtering
  • URL filtering
  • Centralised policy management
Why Choose FirstWave Cloud Email Security
  • A proven and affordable inbound and outbound email security solution
  • Assured disaster recovery and 32 days trace replay
  • Highly customisable for businesses of any size
  • Unique layered protection effective against malware and ransomware

Endpoint Security

Enterprise-grade endpoint protection for every size business.
FirstCloudTM Endpoint Security is a cloud-delivered, enterprise-grade endpoint security service, to bolster protection for any business including SOHO, Micro/Small Business, from the latest generation of targeted threats - including advanced malware, ransomware or fileless / ‘living off the land’ attacks at the device level.
Key Features
  • Provides Soho/Small business with enterprise endpoint protection
  • Cloud-delivered for highest security effectiveness, simplicity, scalability and manageability.
  • Easy to install and simple to use with centralised visibility and control
Why Choose FirstWave Cloud Endpoint Security
  • A customised multi-MSP model with highly scalable, automated provisioning and policy configuration
  • Proactively stop threats before they reach your business with cloud-based protection from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network
  • Since it’s designed specifically for small businesses, it requires no IT expertise
  • High fidelity machine learning for greater threat detection

Firewall Security

Protect your business against sophisticated threats where you access the network.
FirstCloudTM Firewall Security is an enterprise-grade next-generation firewall solution. It inspects all traffic – inclusive of applications, threats and content – and ties it to the user, regardless of location or device type. FirstCloudTM Firewall Security can reduce response times to potential attacks, reveal unknown threats and streamline security network deployment. It also combines application awareness and deep-packet inspection, giving you greater control over applications while simultaneously detecting and blocking malicious threats.
Key Features
  • Best-in-market Firewall appliances
  • Rapid service deployment
  • Global threat intelligence
  • Anti-malware
  • URL filtering
  • Deep packet inspection
Why Choose FirstWave Cloud Firewall Security
  • Advanced, granular, and coordinated threat protection for any size business
  • 24/7 monitoring with first-class service-level agreement
  • Centralized online management for greater control
  • Deployed as a dedicated or multiple-tenant service

Web Security

Eliminate online threats before they strike with a DNS or web proxy security solution.
Using DNS-based or web proxy technology, Cisco Talos intelligence and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), FirstCloudTM Web Security can determine the intent of web requests, URLs and files. Once assessed as being safe, risky or malicious, they can then be routed, blocked or sent for further inspection.
Key Features
  • Real time protection
  • Advanced malware and ransomware protection
  • Anti-phishing
  • All-inclusive enterprise-grade solution
  • Centralised policy enforcement and control
  • DNS & IP layer enforcement
Why Choose FirstWave Cloud Web Security
  • Advanced protection that adds a predictive security enforcement layer at the frontline
  • Fast identification of infected devices and prevention of data exfiltration
  • Fast and reliable without added latency
  • Rapid enforcement of security policies concurrently across 25 global data centres

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