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Data Resolve

Combat Insider Threat Intelligently with inDefend

inDefend is built to achieve full transparency over all the computers of the organization by maintaining relevant data and network control. The application is designed to prevent access to unauthorized removable media devices, websites and applications.

Why inDefend?

inDefend Capabilities


Understand where all the sensitive data of the organization resides that could lead to compromise.


Evaluate every piece of data being sent our by employees through various channels based on pre-defined patterns, keywords, phrases or logic flows.


Acitivate inDefend to lock down specific channels or activities, incase of any sensitive data exfiltration in, ehich could harm your organization.


Maintain actionable intelligence on the crime, the system it originated from and the person eho committed it..


Ascertain and monitor fragments of sensitive data that could be sent to unsolicited viewers outside the organization

Redefining Your Business Functionalities

Works Realtime

A daily update on data feed of what is being sent out and by whom

Warns Proactively

Stay informed about probable data loss through desktops notifications, SMS alerts and email reports

Controls Everywhere

Collect corporate information going out on various channels and portable devices. Maintain a record on employee activity on a daily basis

Superior Control

Identify and block sensitive corporate data right at the point of origin and save millions of dollars.

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Business Benefits to Meet Your Organizational Goals

Size Agnostic
inDefend helps you monitor every employee of the organization, regardless of the organizational size.
Remote Workers
Worry less about productivity of remote employees, roaming work-force or employees working from home.
Be Compliance
Gain industry compliance suiting your company needs and protect the company's data from being compromised.
Safeguard Intellectual Property
Protect your company's trade and financial data from falling into wrong hands.
Visibility On Exiting Employees
Better control over employees on notice period and complete transparency over their activities.
Unified Workflow and Policy
Manage access permissions for huge groups of scattered employees with a cleverly orchestrated policy through our unique data flow analysis.
Insights With CI Report
Generate full fidelity profiles of all the employees and track their productivity and behavior on digital assets.
Initiate Legal Proceedings
Maintain screenshots of specific employee crimes who are responsible for damaging the company's reputation.