Data Resolve – Data loss prevention (DLP)

Data loss prevention (DLP) defined as technologies which perform both content inspection and contextual analysis of data sent via messaging applications such as email and instant messaging, in motion over the network, in use on a managed endpoint device, and at rest in on-premises file servers or in cloud applications and cloud storage. These solutions execute responses based on policy and rules defined to address the risk of inadvertent or accidental leaks, or exposure of sensitive data outside authorized channels.

Data Resolve inDefend is a Unified Suite for Insider Threat Management and Employee Behaviour Analysis inDefend is designed to secure enterprise workforce that detects anomalous employee behaviour as opposed to their regular behavioural patterns.

inDefend for Optimum Business Benefits


  • Maximum Transparency over every employee regardless of the Organizational Strength.
  • Protection against data compromise
  • Complete control over exiting employees and transparency on their activities
  • Full fidelity report of employee behaviour on digital assets and their productivity
  • Full control over remote workforce and their productivity
  • Protect trade and financial secrets from falling into competitors’ hand
  • A unique workflow analysis to manage access permissions for scattered employees
  • Record and maintain live screenshots of employee crimes for legal proceedings

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