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Technology Relevance-New Way of Working- Work from Anywhere

Technology Relevance-New Way of Working- Work from Anywhere


Covid-19 Pandemic has affected our lives worldwide at both personal and professional level. This pandemic has given us great opportunities to re-discover the way We work, communicate, collaborate and share information. This pandemic has once again made us realize our age old wisdom & saying आपदा में अवसर. (Opportunities in Disaster/Difficult Times).


The sudden & shocking pandemic exposed our weaknesses in the work area but at the same time gave us opportunities to work in new ways and methods. Work never stopped but found new ways and new ideas to be more productive & collaborative. The New Businesses & Startup Ecosystem got rejuvenated to address most of the challenges we faced due to this pandemic. Established businesses went back to the drawing board to redesign their work & connect to their customers.



IT, Telecommunications and Technology Industries have been in the forefront of this challenging times and have helped us quickly establish a New Way of Working- Work from Anywhere. Replaced Physical with Virtual Platforms wherever necessary. Even while being Remote or Virtual all of us worked as teams and created the same bonding & work culture as we would usually do while working from our typical office locations.


We cannot imagine a world without these technologies & always be thankful to all the people who made this possible over the years.


How can we run our Business by implementing the Work from Anywhere concept without IT Know-How using Cloud Computing & Collaboration… This applies to all businesses, any size, Start Ups, Budding Entrepreneurs, Professionals, SMEs and even large organizations with established systems and processes.


For New Start Ups & New Upcoming Businesses at ideating stage


We have technology platforms which deliver offices set up on Software as a Service basis. Means, teams can work & collaborate using cloud computing and need not to invest on physical locations and IT infrastructure. Simply put IT & Technology delivered with Internet as Medium to Businesses Securely and No prior IT knowledge required to run business operations. These services and applications are simple, secure ,user friendly and real time collaborative in nature. These services & applications are very cost effective, Ready to Use. Option to exit from these platforms is simple & without any hassles. We have options to retain our data created on these platforms. Most of the solutions are compliant with local government rules and regulations. Even Governments are using these platforms to deliver services to their citizens.


Data created on these platforms has User Ownership. Platform Owner takes responsibility for management of infrastructure, high availability supported with SLAs, and secure us from technology obsolescence (always the latest software is offered and upgrades are automatic).


Following are some of key services which MUST HAVE for new & upcoming businesses.


  • Productivity & Team Collaboration, Work Environment, Work Culture


Official Work & Data Creation/Management (File Structure & Systems)- Paperless & Digital

    • We can use apps to create Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations etc., All Digital & Secure with Encryption Features
    • Sharing of Data & Information within internal teams & external teams. All Digital, Secure Sharing with Permission Levels Pre-Set for intended receiver and sender
    • We can create internal web pages for teams to interact with each other and make available document repositories in digital formats for secure access.
    • We can create & store files, folders, different file formats and data in Drive Storage. Define Permissions and access levels for users.
    • Meetings- Video, Audio  & Chat are Possible for Internal Teams & can allow external users to join anytime anywhere. Meetings can be recorded for future reference. During these meetings information sharing through files & presentations possible
    • Email & Calendar features are part of the work environment and have become preferred communication tools
    • We can even automate Workflows like approval hierarchy, integration with various business applications like CRM. ERP, Accounting, Finance etc.,
    • We can implement Policies for the entire organization for using these apps, secure data & communication methods
    • e-Signatures & Digital Signatures are possible
    • Document Management Systems are possible



  • Business Operations & Processes


Teams who can work on different aspects of running the business. These teams can be small & can scale up with growth in Business. Business Operations are run the Best if we create Processes which can have team involvement rather than individual decision making. Processes have to be designed and used as per Industry standards but should not be too difficult to understand & work upon.


Fortunately, technology has a major role to play in. Business Operations of any nature can be simply systemized with digital & software methods. These software can be simple, cost effective and user friendly. IT & Technical Knowledge not required.


Technology enables Businesses with software even in most critical operations like Accounting, Finance, Legal & Product functions.


  • Customer Relation & Management


Software Applications enable teams for Customer Relations & Management. These software run on Browsers and do not need physical IT infrastructure and are highly reliable, always available, easy to use and even highly customizable. Cost effective too since teams can operate from anywhere and any device. Most of these applications are Mobile Optimized.


  • Marketing & Brand Promotion, Customer Reach


With the advent of Online Media, Social Media , OTT platforms etc., Marketing Platforms have become 100% digital and offer faster customer reach & responses. Customer/Consumer preferences are ONLINE as well. So , We can find customers everywhere and are always connected.  Businesses which adopt the Work From Anywhere concept are closer to their target customers.


Technology Offers great Online Marketing Tools in the form of Software with AI capabilities to sense customer/consumer preferences. Technology has democratized the Marketing domain and made it possible for every business however small or big to take advantage. Very Cost Effective, Creative & Open Source. No Monopolies here.


For Established Businesses & Large Organizations


Established & Large Organizations have been investing in technology upgrades regularly to keep up with their business requirements and their customer expectations. Companies with long term vision & acceptance of new technologies can definitely migrate to the New Way of Working – Work From Anywhere.



Technology Companies and Consulting Companies are working overtime to create applications which encourage Hybrid Work Environment and finally adopting to Work From Anywhere concepts. These changes would take place in a phased manner for large organizations and organizations which are into manufacturing industries.


Large & Established organizations can definitely use Cloud Based Productivity & Team Collaboration Tools to create & experience the New Work Culture.


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