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Digital Workspace: Solution to Modern Business Operations

Digital Workspace: Solution to Modern Business Operations


With Make in India set in motion & change in attitudes and mindset, greater numbers of people are now stepping into Entrepreneurship. Starting a Business & then coping up with the Operations and Managing finance is a continuous assignment for every Entrepreneur, nowadays. if your Operations & finance are not controlled nicely, then, there may be a constant threat of losing the Business we start so passionately.




Email is one of the treasured Business Conversation tools that are fast, cheaper, open, and smooth to reproduce. Each & every Business needs an email to Start Operations. Mails are not only a messaging tool but also is a Collaborative Tool that amplifies all the services that you need to run a business. Gone are the days, while business houses had been investing in to place huge email servers inside their office premises. With the access of Cloud Mail Services, Configuring & Managing the
Business emails have become easier by the day.


Even though Cloud Mail Services are now evolved as Collaborative Workspace for Business, however, the usage of those services in a minimum fee & powerful manner is the trick.




Most commonplace queries of Entrepreneur –


  • Can I begin my Business with minimum finance, or can I control my Operational Expenditure?
  • Can I gain the advantage of Technology in my business?
  • Do I need to have Technical knowledge apart from my core business knowledge?
  • Do I need to have a proper IT infra to start my business?
  • Do I need to hire a technical resource to manage my IT infra so that I can concentrate on my
    core business?
  • How can I extend the business application based on the employee profile or hierarchy?
  • How can I secure my business transactions/communications?

There is a good number of Productivity & Collaboration tools available in the market, which does not require any technical knowledge or expertise. All you need to have is an adoptive mindset towards technology. Moreover, all these solutions do not require any physical IT infra at your end, so you can start operating, on the fly & from anywhere & at Any time.


Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 & ZOHO Workplace are three such collaborative tools available worldwide that can do a lot many works for you when used effectively. With their continuous innovations & research, they are adding more & more tools to these services to make the Entrepreneur’s life easy.


All these solutions are a combination of a number of business applications, like


  • Email for Communication
  • Drive for Data & File Storage
  • Remote / Virtual Meeting Platform for Video Conferencing
  • Chat for instant communication
  • Calendar for managing the timetable.
  • Global Directory for Saving your contacts in one place.
  • Intranet sites for Employee Engagement within the office
  • Mobile Sync to work from anywhere through the phone.
  • Office Applications for business operation


Apart from the above, there are also some advanced features like


  • Share Drive to collaborate with team members.
  • Split delivery for coexistence between two cloud mail servers
  • Application integration for single-window operation
  • Using multiple domains for a different organisational unit with single admin control.
  • Security setting to prevent Spam & Malicious email attacks.
  • Audit log to trace the point of failure.




These solutions are available at a minimum of Rs 59/User/Month to a maximum of Rs 2500/User/Month depending on the requirement. So, it is important to apprehend these solutions & design an environment that suits your business requirement & budget. Ultimately you know your business better than anyone else & you need time to focus on your core business rather than getting involved in this day-to-day operation.


We at iAmaze Consultants are Subject Matter Experts of Email Solutions who can design a solution based on your business requirement with these Collaborative Tools to extend the best possible feature from their respective solution. Our team can support you round the clock so that you can concentrate on your core business. Even if you are an existing user of any mail services, give us a call to explore the possibilities of extending features & applications at the minimum possible cost.

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