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Cyber Security is a Challenge to Conquer

Cyber Security is a Challenge to Conquer


Pandemic has changed our lifestyle & work Culture. We have become Online from Offline. What seemed impossible two years ago, is now the New Normal. We never thought of running a business 100% from Home Or Students learning from Home for almost one full year. All these are made Possible with Technology Transformation which keeps on evolving every day. With every passing second, some or other innovation is happening across the world & all these innovations are towards making our human life easy & smooth.


Although technology has done its part at the same time our exposure to the world wide web has also enhanced the threat of data leakage on both the personal & professional front. In 21st Century Data is the New Oil concept  & at the same time, Data is at big risk today. Hackers are trying to access public, organisation and personal data through the same advanced technologies. Hence managing  Cyber Security Threats is the biggest challenge at the Individual and at the Organisation level. New age CTO/CIO/CISO have no other option but to Conquer these Cyber Security Challenges.


We usually set up a multi-pronged strategy to protect our homes from intruders, by including door locks, camera monitoring, in-house electronic protection, and even pets. But when the intruder is from Cyber, then also we need to design a multi-pronged Cyber Defence approach. It starts with Perimeter Security & then gradually extends to user Endpoints like Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile devices. Security Can be managed at the following levels


  • Web/Perimeter Security
  • Firewall Security
  • Email Security
  • Endpoint Security


Web Security: Fence your Organisation with a Cyber Security Tool to have a safe and secure environment for all System & data within your Organisation. This will effectively Detect, Deter & Protect your intellectual property and assets from misuse by intruders. When an armed attacker tries to infringe into your systems, they receive the regulated pulsed deterrent from the system & an alarm will alert your Security Team for necessary action. Cisco Talos intelligence and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) are such tools that Protect your Network Perimeter.


Firewall Security
: Security must be integrated across the entire hybrid IT environment to combat the increased risk exposure caused by distributed data centres.



In this Process, the Firewall is the first gate within your IT environment that scans on all incoming & outgoing traffic movement. NGFWs (Next-Generation Firewalls) have all of the functionality of conventional firewalls, plus extra features to meet a wider range of organisational needs and future threats & when the Solution is on the Cloud then it has much more flexibility & cost-effectiveness in the long run. Fortinet & Palo Alto Cloud Firewall on a robust platform can be a solution to meet your organisational needs


Email Security: Hackers’ favourite method of gaining access to your Organisation private data is via email, and email attacks like phishing and business email compromise are on the rise.



An Email Security Gateway that protects your emails from hackers, spam, and viruses, should be your first line of defence. Cisco’s ESA/IronPort and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) technologies, together with Cisco’s year-long research & analysis, are among the best technologies or tools for ensuring a secure email system.


EndPoint Security: End-points are one of the most vulnerable spots within a network hence frequently targeted by hackers. Most end-points contain vulnerable data & as technology advances, end-points such as mobile devices are becoming increasingly connected to networks for business purposes. Hackers and cybercriminals employ various tactics to exploit security vulnerabilities in end-points. Hence the security of these EndPoints is of utmost importance for the Organisation. A proper end-point security solution must be able to protect the end-points from malware, DDoS attacks and much more. Endpoint Solution from Trend Micro & InDefend-Data Resolve can be deployed to secure all the endpoints within your organization.


Apart from the above, Multi-Factor Authentication, AI-based proactive threat detection, big data security analytics, global threat intelligence, real-time security posture and analysis, comprehensive access and identity management, real-time defence against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats are also important for any Organisation. Reduce business risk and brand fame by recognizing and plugging gaps in your security strategy with governance risk and compliance services.


At iAmaze Consultants, we are committed to secure our customers with the best available tools & technology. Our Security Expert will start with the Discovery of Gaps after a thorough investigation of your IT environment  & then suggest solutions for your Business Security. We help our customers in maintaining a safe and secure work-business atmosphere when operating from anywhere.   


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