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Information, Cyber & Data Security – New Way of Working

Information, Cyber & Data Security – New Way of Working


The New Way of Working- Work from Anywhere is here to stay in our professional & personal lives. The Internet ( Cyber) is the preferred medium worldwide to exchange information, communications, and data in general. The Internet is a shared network system with open rules and vulnerable to threats by people and processes with bad intentions.


Enormous amounts of information & data is being generated, processed and used in businesses across the globe. We express all our information & data in some form of digital method and exchange over the internet to run our businesses and work life. Data which gets generated has many forms and formats and many uses. Especially, in the business world data exchanges or information exchanges are the key to success. Business to Business (B2B) , Business to Consumer (B2C) and any other form of communication generates data and information is transmitted over the internet every second.


Billions of digital transactions are happening each day in our work life. The Internet (Cyber) is the preferred platform because it is cost effective, fast and has the reach of every nook and corner of our globe now. Internet technologies are evolving by leaps and bounds helping businesses to stay relevant in their marketplace. Internet Technologies has changed the way businesses operate and participate in the marketplace. The Internet has democratized technology and created New Age Companies creating wealth on a fast track.


Since the entire business world is operating on the Internet as preferred technology , the data & information generated has to be exchanged/delivered Securely. Storing & Processing of data and information must be Secure as well. Simply put , every bit of information generated in the business world has to be Secure and exchanged/delivered to their intended recipient securely.


Businesses must implement Information, Data and Network Security in many ways depending upon their business needs and requirements. We have listed out some of them which are MUST HAVE..



Productivity & Collaboration


  • Applications like Word/Docs, Excel/Spreadsheets, PPT/Slides etc., come with Encryption & Password Enabled methods for both creator of the Document and Others who work on these Documents.
  • While working on Documents as a Team in a shared (Common) folder or files we can enable permission levels like View Only, View & Edit, Download- No Download, Print-No Print etc.,


Use Unique Passwords


  • We can create Warning Notifications for Users when they try to share documents outside your organization.
  • Service Platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 & Zoho Workplace offer many security features inbuilt which can be activated for users by way of policies and user training & adoption from time to time. Few of the Security Checklist at Admin Level.
  • File Exposure (Monitor File Sharing)
  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Email Delivery
  • Spam & Malware Classification
  • User Perception
  • Endpoint Management (Devices on which these Apps are installed & used)
  • Audit Reports of Drive ( File Storage) and Email
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Data Retention Policies & Archival Settings


Communications Security- Email, Meetings & Chat 


  • Always Use Communication Apps on Your Business Domain (Example : iamaze.in)
  • Gmail.com, outlook.com, yahoo.com are public domain applications used for individual/personal work. Not Secure to do Business Work on these public domains
  • Similarly Meetings ( Video, Audio, Calendar Invites) & Chat ( Internal & External Communication between Employees and other stakeholders like vendors & customers must be done using Business Domain enabled Chat & Meeting Applications.
  • Business Email & Chat Applications have features like End to End Encryption, permission settings, monitoring settings and other business legal compliances by way of policies.
  • Business Email Services come with  Anti-Spam &  Anti Phishing features to protect your Users & Data while sending and receiving Emails.
  • Look for Advanced Email Security for Businesses which operate in critical sectors like Finance, Health , Defense, e-Commerce, Logistics, Software Development and Manufacturing.
  • Advanced Email Security Tools & Features
  • Anti-ransomware (Malicious files/links)
  • Forged email filter C-level impersonation filter (Whaling/BEC)
  • Alerts on customer – mail system failover
  • Secure RBAC portal (2FA / N-Tier)
  • Centralized policy view and management (portal)
  • Extensive/rich policy filter rules/flow combinations
  • Advanced analytics and reports (portal)
  • Advanced content control
  • Data-loss prevention and risk management
  • SPF filter (email spoofing)
  • DKIM filter (email spoofing/fraud)
  • DMARC filter (email domain spoofing)
  • Typo domain filter (Homograph)
  • Email spooling
  • URL filtering (advanced)
  • Trace/replay emails
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Extended trace application (up to 36 months)
  • Image control (Offensive/Non-Business)
  • Policy-based encryption
  • Log feeds to SIEM or other
  • User or group (LDAP)-based policy



Key Information & Data Security for Businesses


  • Web Security – Solutions & Software to protect your Business Entity/ Domain Name on the Internet, for example- Website with HTTPS , Mobile Applications Etc.,
  • DNS Security–   Solutions & Software to protect your Business Domain Name while transacting on the Internet. Prevent malicious content & activity routed through your Business Domain
  • Application Security– All your  business applications which are connected to the Internet are Operate out of Cloud Servers need protection for software bugs, application performance issues, secure access provision etc.,
  • Identity & Access Management – All stakeholders to your business & organization working on applications must be secured with IAM policies to prevent data theft, data leak and data loss both intentional & unintentional
  • Endpoint/End User Security – All the users & their devices through which they access business applications & interact with your end customers/consumers need security policies implementation to safeguard user device health & prevent misuse/malicious activities by the user. Automated Monitoring & Trust worthiness of installed softwares, softwares allowed to be installed etc.,
  • Firewall Security–  Firewall is configured to protect your office/work networking both physical networks & virtual networks. All User Data are subjected to scanning before they actually start using them on their respective devices. Advanced Firewalls are available both physical & virtual to protect the data & transactions which happen on any network, LAN, WAN and Cloud ( Public & Private)
  • Data Loss Protection (DLP)– Very critical software and must have to prevent your business data being lost/leaked and misused. Business Data can be part of any platform or device like laptops, mobiles, emails, cloud servers, physical servers , cloud based storage ( Google Drive/OneDrive)
  • Data Backup & Retention – All the Organization’s Business Data must have a Back-Up solution. Usually, files and folders are backed up in cloud storage by solutions like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 , Zoho and various SaaS applications offer inbuilt back-up & data retention. It is always preferable to have another level of Data back-up and recovery solution because the SaaS applications offer data retention & back up for a limited period of time with limited features to restore data in time.


Information & Data Security – Legal , Regulatory & Compliance


Businesses must work towards Information & Data Security standards as the scaling up or business growth happens. There are certifications available world wide for ensuring standards in Information and Data Security. For Example- ISO-27001, ISMS, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS etc.,

Businesses must subscribe to applications and services which are compliant with above standards to safeguard their business data.

There are other legal data protection methods available like Trademark, Copyright, and IPR ( Intellectual Property Rights).

Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing is to be conducted in regular intervals to identify gaps in IT Network, User Devices & Software deployed in the organization.

Businesses must conduct Information & Data Security audits on a regular basis. Software Audits and Software Governance tools must be deployed  to identify gaps.


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